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                                                            AKC Blackcreek Beagles

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We got our first Blackcreek dogs from Mr. Gerald Bridges in Sterlington, LA.  He raised some of the best Blackcreek dogs around.  Our dogs are medium speed dogs with good line control.  We like a medium speed dog that will push a rabbit steady, long races and short checks.  My name is Jeff Gammon, and I try to run my dogs at least once a week, with the best houndsman I know, my dad.  He has forgot more about hounds than I will ever know. He started me in the sport of rabbit hunting about 35 years ago, he started taking me with him to run dogs several years before that. I can't remember not knowing what a pack of hounds running a rabbit sound like.  After not having rabbit dogs for several years, it sure is good to be able to turn them loose and hear that sweet sound a pack of hounds makes doing what they were bred to do.




GAMMON'S DO RIGHT BONNIE.                           DO RIGHT'S NUVI.

Bonnie's Pedigree

This is just a couple of my dogs. I usually run a pack of 5 or 6.